Harrison Ford to Play an Aging Wyatt Earp in ‘Black Hats’ Adaptation

Aug 10, 11 Harrison Ford to Play an Aging Wyatt Earp in ‘Black Hats’ Adaptation

Harrison Ford is set to star in an adaptation of Man Allan Collins’ novel Black Hats. It’s going to be written by Kurt Johnstad of “300” and produced by Basil Iwanyk and Jeson Netter.

Ford will play Wyatt Earp, a LA-based private investigator. He’s hired by the widow of his best friend, who wants him to go to New York to help her son whose gotten in some trouble with none other than Al Capone.

The Hollywood Reporter claims that Ford was “sparking to the idea of an old gunfighter with his .45 walking the streets of 1920s Big Apple.”

According to the Reporter, Ford is quite choosy with his roles and only says yes if he fully intends on filming.

The book was published in 2007 with Collins writing under the pseudonym of Patrick Culhane. In the past, he’s written various Batman stories and graphic novels as well. One of which, entitled “Road to Perdition,” was adapted into a 2002 gangster movie.

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