42: News on Shooting Locations & Casting Call

Mar 31, 12 42: News on Shooting Locations & Casting Call

According to Nooga.com, the new movie about the life of baseball hall-of-famer Jackie Robinson will be filmed in Chattanooga, Tennessee this summer. UPDATE: The movie will not only be filmed in Chattanooga, it will also spend a good portion of filming in Atlanta and in downtown Macon, Georgia

A recent casting call is looking for baseball players who can portray the Brooklyn Dodgers in scenes that will shot at the historic Engel Stadium in May.

Though the casting company have not confirmed the name of the project, it is known that the information is the same that IMDb lists as 42, starring Harrison Ford, Christopher Meloni, and Chadwick Boseman.

An open casting call for experienced Caucasian baseball players between the ages of 25 and 38 will be held on March 26. Athletes will be interviewed by the film’s sports coordinator and will take part in a field tryout.

Approximately 40 men will be chosen to attend a baseball training camp for the on-screen “team” in April.

Catrett Locke Casting is also casting 1,000 extras to fill the stands during the games. Locke said they are also looking for vintage cars from 1947 or older.

CL Casting Tennessee
We are currently looking for experienced caucasian baseball players ages 25-38. If you or you know someone that fits the bill and has open availability or a super flexible schedule. Please email CLCBaseball@gmail.com Please include a 3 pics (head and body) age, ht, wt, and list baseball experience including position.
From  Catrett’s Facebook Page

If you are interested in applying to be a baseball player, send three photographs that show your head and body, along with your age, height, weight and a list of baseball experience, including position played, to clcbaseball@gmail.com.

To apply to be an extra, send three photographs that show your head and body, along with your actual age, height, weight, all contact information, ethnicity and age to clcastingtn@gmail.com.

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  1. Mike Welch /

    Ive been in 19 major motion pictures. Maybe you have a part for me, I CAN be a baseball player, i am a little past prime, but i look young 30 to 35 actual age is 49. I played at Florida Atlantic University in boca raton, and I had a .602 on base percentage stole 50 bases i’m small 5 foot six, i played center field all outfield positions,if you need a lead off base stealer thats me, hazel eyes,dark brownish black hair, i’m a switch hitter i played center for lincolnland community college and outfield at Griffin high school in spflf illinois, i was also sport editor at FAU in boca raton for the college news paper, also was a sports correspondent for palm beach post,their was this sports writer for boca news vinn mannix cigar chopping smoking sports writer seemed like right out of the 40’s i could do that if you need, I can act been playing dino the don in “Dinner with the Mafia” in spfld illinois. Had lead in “All those years ago” as Peter HARRISON George harrisons brother, i was non union guy in local IBEW 193 commercial for tv, i was extra in “ER” for NBC and “final witness” grand juror for ABC not out yet, i was the character Bugeyes in “Watch it” with Peter Gallagher and tom sizemore,were playing cards, i’m the guy in green coat and orange hat behind bill murray ice sculpting in “Groundhog Day” i’m on the stage dancing next to the mascot on the bandstand also, In “The Babe” with john goodman i am the first fan to stand at 1932 world series in chicago when yankee fan holds up sign go Yankees i stand see sign and fight ensues. I was extra in milwaukee for “mr 3000″ and also i was fan in stands for “flags of our fathers” i could play the field if you need me, i still got the speed and bat skills, let me tell you i can bunt it took bernie mac 18 takes to get down a bunt, i could list all films,i’ve been in, fbi agent in “informent” senator in “Legally blonde” extra roles, office worker with will ferrel in “stranger than fiction” thats me behind those two guys who do the sonic commercials, worked one day “Dark Knight” scene got cut when orange jumpsuit prisoner were loading on boat i was evacuee and i tried to sneak on with them police office grabs me and tosses me in the crowd i have expierance and Jackie robinson is a Hero of mine, i alway kinda though of myself as kind of like, him, but i can play whatever you need. i was a homeless man in “college debt” an AA meeting member in “the drunk” bathroom patron in “call me on tuesday” in home alone 2 in front of family running for plane in blueish green sweater talking to american airlines guy, worked on el train with richard gere in end scene of “shall we dance” boxing fan in cuba goodings “Gladiators”, drove car in “fugitive. i live in springfield illinois, if interested i ‘ll take march 26 off drive over for tryouts i can do this i am way expiranced talented and still fast, switch hitter if you need help with outfield can maybe coach, april 1 to 8th in florida for vacation, i have work but if you need me and there is pay i’ll tell them i need off i’ll go to chatanooga, i’m single no kids. send me an email i have an older photo of me with mustache and junkie resume i’ll send it , then if you need 3 photo’s i’ll work on sending them thanks, i was also extra in “INvasion USA” thanks let me know if theres pay i’ll be there let me know.

  2. Hi! From what I have heard filming will also take place in Birmingham, Alabama. Plus, I’m happy to announce that Ryan Merriman has been cast as Dixie Walker.

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