Han Solo Carbonite iPhone 4 Case

Mar 30, 12 Han Solo Carbonite iPhone 4 Case

If people have one complaint about the iPhone it’s the relatively plain-looking exterior. But hey, that’s what iPhone cases are for, right? And this one is a doozy, especially if you’re a fan of the Star Wars franchise.

Provided you’ve got an extra $15.50 lying around, the iconic image of Han Solo encased in carbonite at the end of The Empire Strikes Back/beginning of Return of the Jedi can adorn the back of your iPhone 4 or 4S. The plastic-aluminum case is the work of Moti Zemelman, proprietor of the Etsy.com-powered online store iCaseSeraSera. Hit the jump to get a look, plus some insight into how it was designed and buying info.

The image is merely a high-res photo and does not feature a three-dimensional rendering of Solo’s sorrowful face and hands popping out of your phone. Nonetheless, pretty cool.

The “Han Solo Carbonite” case comes to us from Etsy.com (via GeekTyrant), where it’s available for purchase.

Via Collider

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