Direct Connection CI Campaign

Apr 12, 12 Direct Connection CI Campaign

Conservation International Board Members Rob Walton, Wes Bush and Harrison Ford explain the direct connection between U.S. national security, economic security and international conservation.

Direct Connection

There is a direct connection between international conservation and America’s economic and national security interests. The unprecedented draw down of critical natural resources poses enormous challenges for the United States and the world. As the world’s population grows to over 9 billion in the next 40 years, doubling the demand for food, water and energy, nature’s ability to provide for people will be further tested. The loss of natural resources, such as forests, fresh water, fertile soils and natural pollinators, and the resulting competition for these increasingly scarce resources, can lead to instability, conflict and radicalization and in the worst case, failed States. The unsustainable extraction of natural resources impacts worldwide commodity prices, undermines U.S. competitiveness and places part of America’s economic infrastructure at risk.

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