More Extras Needed for 42

Apr 24, 12 More Extras Needed for 42

BIRMINGHAM, Alabama — The Jackie Robinson movie “42” is coming to Birmingham’s Rickwood Field to film for three days next month, and casting directors need fans to come out to the ballpark and be part of the action with stars Harrison Ford and Chadwick Boseman.

Boseman, who appeared in the NBC series “Persons Unknown,” will play Robinson, and Ford, who starred in the Indiana Jones and Star Wars movies, will play Branch Rickey, the innovative executive who made history when he signed Robinson to play for the Brooklyn Dodgers in 1947, breaking baseball’s color barrier.

They will film scenes from “42” at 101-year-old Rickwood Field on May 15-17, according to Jodi Williams of Southern Hollywood Events, which is helping round up extras for the background scenes.

The background extras will be in addition to those who were cast following an open call two weeks ago at Boutwell Auditorium, Williams said.

As many as 500 more people will be needed each day, Williams added, and they will need to come dressed in period clothing from the 1940s. Those people will not be paid, but they will eligible to win prizes that include iPads and trips, she said.

42, directed by Brian Helgeland and starring Chadwick Boseman and Harrison Ford, will debut on April 12th, 2013, the 66th anniversary of “Jackie Robinson Day,” the day of his first game as a Brooklyn Dodger.

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  1. Alice Merriweather /

    I came to the casting at the Boutwell Auditorium. I have not heard from you, yet. I am trying again!

    My profession is an educatator. I have taught students about this time period in American History. It would be a pleasure to be a part of this movie!

    Waiting for you,
    Alice Merriweather

    • Alice, Absolute HF is a fansite, not affiliated with the production of the movie, therefore we don’t have information about the people they selected to be part of the movie.

  2. olivia thompson /

    Poeple would like to be in the movie 42 but some don’t no what time to be there and some people came out and was told that they needed all seize and all color but thay are not going to pay for all seize to be in the movie.

  3. Native Birminghamian. Retired Firefighter, City of Birmingham. Age 56, grew up in industrial neighborhood. Attended Wood lawn High school. Knowledge of city history.
    In between jobs at this time. Harrison Ford fan (well I have seen his movies at least once some more than once and I have a personal interest in the same things as Indiana Jones, arcane knowledge , comparative religion, archaeology etc.) I have nothing special to do, call me at home ******** or ********* on my cell . 1130 am 5/15/2012

    • David, if you are interested in applying for the casting please go to for further information

      They will never get your information if you comment here, we’re not affiliate to the production of the movie or to the Harrison Ford production, this is just a fansite.

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