Meet Harrison Ford on the Set of His Upcoming Film 42

Apr 13, 12 Meet Harrison Ford on the Set of His Upcoming Film 42

Spend time with Harrison Ford when you visit him on location on the set of his next movie, 42.

42 tells the story of Jackie Robinson (Chadwick Boseman) and Branch Rickey (Harrison Ford), the Brooklyn Dodgers executive who signed Robinson to be the first African American ballplayer in Major League Baseball history.

The proceeds for this item benefit Christie’s Green Auction: A Bid to Save the Earth

Filming of  ’42’ is slated to take place in June.

Harrison has also donated to the Green Auction an authentic whip and signed book, “The Making of Indiana Jones,” from his own personal collection.

Learn more about A Bid to Save The Earth: Christie’s Green Auction

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  1. Helen Likins /

    Dear Sir,
    I have waited a life time to do something like this, and to find out Harrison Ford is coming to Macon to film “42” is marvelous. I am a graduate of Wesleyan College and lived in Macon for 4 years. I also have family in Macon, so I would definitely be there for this event. I am 24 years old ***** text deleted *******. Please advise if there are any applications or additional information needed. I greatly appreciate your consideration in this matter and look forward to hearing from you. My email address is ***** text deleted *******. Thank you again for your consideration.
    Helen Likins

    • Dear Helen, I have deleted part of your message because it included private information of your persona accessible for everybody. Please, be careful on where you send private information, this is a fansite, we have no relation with Harrison Ford Production.

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