Teaser Poster for “Ender’s Game” Released

May 22, 12 Teaser Poster for “Ender’s Game” Released

Orson Scott Card Visits Set of Film
The writer of the popular Science Fiction book had a chance to visit the set of the film, and even though Card reveals that many of the scenes aren’t based from the book, he seems very impressed with the acting of the film. Below he gives his thoughts on how he felt while experiencing his book brought to life, specifically a certain scene between Harrison Ford and Asa Butterfield as Col. Graff and Ender Wiggin respectively. Check it out below (be careful, it contains some information that might be considered spoiler).

“I sat, off-camera, reading my sole line, which comes in the middle of a scene between Harrison Ford as Col. Graff and Asa Butterfield as Ender Wiggin. The scene does not come from the book – very few of the scenes in this movie do – so it was amusing when others asked me how it felt to have my book brought to life. My book was already alive in the mind of every reader. This is writer-director Gavin Hood’s movie, so they were his words, and it was his scene. “And they were superb. Film acting, especially in closeup, is not about facial expressions. It’s about what’s going on behind the actors’ eyes. And it’s about timing. The scene got more and more minimal as the takes went on. What had been an arm grab and a shrug became a mere touch on the shoulder and a single glance at the hand. And the less they did, the better the scene became. What mattered was the timing – when Ford put his hand on Butterfield’s shoulder, how long it took Butterfield to glance at the hand, how long before he looked away and when the hand was withdrawn.”

Additionally, more of Card’s experiences on set were posted on MySpace, giving more details about his thoughts on the film so far, and just with the acting, he seems to be very impressed with the look of the new adaptation as well.

“My book was already alive in the mind of every reader. This is writer-director Gavin Hood’s movie, so they were his words, and it was his scene … The scene may or may not work as planned; for all I know, it might not end up in the movie. I love looking at well-designed sets – tough enough to be safe for the actors to work on, yet not wasting a dime on anything that won’t show on camera. Haworth and Procter are a great team. Haworth was art director on a few films you’ve heard of – Thor, TRON: Legacy, Avatar, both Transformers movies, Eagle Eye, Men in Black II, Mission Impossible III and many others. And Procter, though newer, worked with Haworth on the most recent of these. The movie Ender’s Game is going to look great.”

Info courtesy of: http://www.comicbookmovie.com

Here is the teaser poster for the upcoming film Ender’s Game.

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