Shooting of 42 Have Started

Jun 01, 12 Shooting of 42 Have Started

Filming of the Jackie Robinson biopic, 42, began Monday morning at Engel Stadium.

Hundreds of Chattanoogans also had cameo roles. The local “extras” parked early this morning at Finley Stadium and went in CARTA buses to the filming site. A host of extras dressed in 1940s garb got off the buses. Some were in World War II military uniforms.

Jim Reynolds, WGOW Talk Radio personality and the longtime “Voice of the Mocs,” was appearing as an umpire. He works many local games as a baseball umpire.

Harrison Ford in Chattanooga to film ’42’ 

He has many names — Han Solo and Indiana Jones being the two most popular — but on Thursday night, Harrison Ford walked into a local hotel as himself, carrying some of his own luggage and wearing a black shirt and blue jeans.

Ford walked into the hotel about 8 p.m. and quickly walked toward the lobby’s elevators. He declined to comment along the way, not wanting to publicize his stay at the hotel, he said.

“I would tell him that I loved him in ‘American Graffiti,'” Cassford said.

“I would tell him that he still looks just like Han Solo, even though he’s probably about my age,” said 72-year-old Harris.

A black SUV rounded the drop-off area just outside the lobby, and out emerged Harrison Ford, followed by Harris yelling, “There he is!”

Note: Hotel employees are not allowed to give information regarding guests staying in the hotel.


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