July 13: It’s Harrison Ford’s 70th Birthday!

Jul 13, 12 July 13: It’s Harrison Ford’s 70th Birthday!

Harrison Ford is turning 70 today. Can you believe it? I follow him since 1990. How time flies! I was barely able to walk by myself at that time and now I run a fansite about him. However, he still is the same gorgeous badass movie legend he was the first time I saw him. Blimey! He’s not old. I’M old!

Actually, he’s better than ever: filming three movies in a single year and with Indiana Jones 5 and possibly Blade Runner 2 in the future. What else to add? Oh yeah, we love you!

This year I wanted to celebrate his birthday in a big way. And what better way to celebrate it than with you, fans! That’s why last Monday I launched a series of new stuff in the site for you to see and share. Hope you like and enjoy!

DAY 1: Absolute Video Gallery is Online! 


DAY 2: All-new Blu-ray Screencaps of Blade Runner, Patriot Games, Air Force One and The Conversation


DAY 3: Are you familiar with these Harrison Ford’s trademarks? I bet you do!


DAY 4: Special: Harrison Ford’s tour with The Doors

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