“I Won’t Quit. I Need More Challenges.”

Nov 02, 14 “I Won’t Quit. I Need More Challenges.”

More than 30 years after his first steps in the movie business, Harrison Ford has earned a place on it even when he felt it wasn’t easy. He is a though, insightful guy with a sense of humor as special as the characters he gives life.

Outside the movie business, he works hard to find solutions to diverse environmental issues of our planet. He has become one of the favorite actors for his simplicity, his half smirk and his snarly style. The truth is, without the cockiness of the Captain Han Solo, Star Wars would have gone unnoticed.

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“I’m Like a Battered Old Ford. I Keep on Coming Back for More”

Jun 24, 14 “I’m Like a Battered Old Ford. I Keep on Coming Back for More”

Harrison Ford pilots helicopters on rescue missions, flies his plane across the Atlantic, can navigate a 60ft narrowboat along English canals and prefers to ride his motorbike rather than sit in chauffeur-driven cars.

So when it comes to filming he has always insisted on performing his own action scenes. He has been punched, kicked, thrown through windows and has the sprains, scrapes, cuts and bruises to prove it. “I am like a battered old Ford,” he tells me. “And I keep on coming back for more. If it doesn’t look real on the screen then an audience does not believe what it sees.”

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A Lucky Guy Who Never Gave Up

Mar 26, 14 A Lucky Guy Who Never Gave Up

It took a dozen years for Harrison Ford to become an overnight sensation. He didn’t give up, and he didn’t beat his head against the wall either. He became more strategic.

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“I Always Wanted to Play Character Parts”

Jan 02, 14 “I Always Wanted to Play Character Parts”

Harrison Ford always wanted to be a character actor, but stardom got in the way. “It was never my intention to be a leading man, I always wanted to play character parts,” says the 71-year old superstar of the “Star Wars” and “Indiana Jones” franchises, before quipping: “I guess I had bad luck.”

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Game On for Harrison Ford

Nov 14, 13 Game On for Harrison Ford

More than 30 years after Star Wars, Harrison Ford has returned to inter-stellar space battles in big-budget sci-fi spectacular Ender’s Game.

But Harrison Ford insists it’s the human relations rather than hi-tech wizardry that drew him to the project, developed from a novel by Orson Scott Card and directed by South African X-Men director Gavin Hood.

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The Greats: Harrison Ford

Nov 13, 13 The Greats: Harrison Ford

Harrison Ford is the sort of star that people who don’t care much for Hollywood life. Amidst an industry known for its artificiality and self-absorption, Ford has always seemed uninterested in the machinery of fame. Interviews for him are a chore, and he doesn’t like talking about his “process.” He just does the work. There’s a regular-guy lack of pretension to the man that’s wholly genuine. It’s informed his performances and his stardom—even his current role as a fading box-office draw.

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“Retirement is for Old People”

Sep 24, 13 “Retirement is for Old People”

Harrison Ford has been one of Hollywood’s biggest stars for more than 40 years and his films have raked in more than £1billion.

But the Indiana Jones and Star Wars hero has also earned a reputation as one of movieland’s grumpiest and, some might say, dullest stars. He hates being interviewed, rarely smiles, shuns glitzy parties and would rather go narrow-boating on the Norfolk Broads with his partner and their son than be seen sailing a luxury yacht around the Caribbean.

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Harrison Ford Takes The Field in 42

Apr 13, 13 Harrison Ford Takes The Field in 42

Harrison Ford was trying on his getup for 42 — fat suit, wig, and false eyebrows that look like caterpillars squaring off — when director Brian Helgeland remarked that he could see no sign of the star.

“Good,” Ford quipped. “I’m tired of that guy.”

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Harrison Ford On Playing Branch Rickey

Apr 09, 13 Harrison Ford On Playing Branch Rickey

Harrison Ford underwent a remarkable makeover to portray innovative baseball executive Branch Rickey in the upcoming 42 because he wanted to discard his Hollywood persona onscreen once again (he did another significant change in his looks for “The Mosquito Coast” back in 1986).

The Star Wars star shaved his head and wore a wig and a fat suit to play the sports mogul in new film 42, and Ford admits he relished the challenge.

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Harrison Ford, a Passionate Man

Apr 06, 13 Harrison Ford, a Passionate Man

It is quite clear that 42 was an uncommon experience for Harrison Ford. He was not even considered for the role of Branch Rickey and he had to fight for the part. Yes, the same man that has made $6 billion in movie ticket sales had to fight to get a role. And he is not slightly offended of being rejected.

The character Ford found so compelling is Branch Rickey, a man of surpassing intelligence who played a significant role in advancing civil rights in this country, not only because it was morally proper but also because it was good business. Rickey was the general manager of the Brooklyn Dodgers and the man who desegregated baseball by signing 26-year-old Jackie Robinson in 1945 to play for the Montreal Royals, the organization’s top farm team. After spending the 1946 season with Montreal, Robinson was promoted to the major leagues in 1947. Their story is told in the film 42, which debuts in theaters this month.

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