EAA AirVenture Message from Harrison Ford for Aviation: The Invisible Highway

Sep 04, 14 EAA AirVenture Message from Harrison Ford for Aviation: The Invisible Highway

Harrison Ford delivers a welcome message to EAA and AOPA members for the reveal of the official movie trailer for AVIATION: THE INVISIBLE HIGHWAY. This message first debuted on Tuesday, July 29, 2014 to the audience at the Ford Fly-In Theater at EAA AirVenture in Oshkosh, Wisconsin.

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Harrison Ford: The Aviation’s Greatest Advocate

Jul 02, 14 Harrison Ford: The Aviation’s Greatest Advocate

For the majority of the general public, exposure to general aviation only comes by hosting of a local air show. Very few are able to experience flight in a small private plane let alone understand the fundamentals of air travel and its impact on the local and national economy. As intimately familiar as pilots may be with these challenges, most lack the ability and character to connect with the non-aviation community.

Someone with whom the public could trust and respect would need to step up and promote general aviation in a cohesive and personable manner. Who better than the man who epitomized characters displaying adventure, rebellion and determination on the silver screen? Hollywood aside, these traits flow deeply within the persona of Harrison Ford.

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Celebrating 100 Years of Commercial Flight

Harrison Ford stars in a new video that celebrates 100 years of commercial flights. In a special message to the 70th IATA AGM, he reminds delegates of the amazing history of flight and how they are the stewards of aviation future.

More to come soon!

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Video Feature: Harrison Ford’s Bell 407GX

At Helicopter Association International’s Heli-Expo 2014 in Anaheim Calif., PAC International, a Metro Aviation company, showed off Harrison Ford’s unique Bell 407GX helicopter. Attendees saw first-hand the aircraft’s unique paint scheme, interiors, and other bells and whistles that the star chose for his personal helicopter.

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First-time HAI Exhibitor Scheme Designers Created Paint Scheme for Harrison Ford’s Bell 407

Sometimes there are convergences in the world. Kismet some call it. For first-time Heli-Expo exhibitor Scheme Designers (Booth No. 3608) Harrison Ford’s decision to fly his own Bell 407 into the Anaheim Convention Center as one of the first helicopters to arrive for Heli-Expo 2014 was in fact a stroke of luck for Scheme Designers, the company that created the paint scheme for the actor.

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Harrison Ford Receives Al Ueltschi Humanitarian Award

Oct 23, 13 Harrison Ford Receives Al Ueltschi Humanitarian Award

A visibly moved Harrison Ford  accepted this year’s Al Ueltschi Award for Humanitarian Leadership on October 21 at the conclusion of the NBAA 2013 opening session. While more commonly known for roles such as Indiana Jones and Han Solo in Star Wars, the veteran actor in this case was recognized for his continuing role as a philanthropist.

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Harrison Ford to receive Humanitarian Award at NBAA2013

Oct 06, 13 Harrison Ford to receive Humanitarian Award at NBAA2013

Acclaimed actor and accomplished pilot Harrison Ford will receive NBAA’s Al Ueltschi Award for Humanitarian Leadership at the Opening General Session of the Association’s 2013 Business Aviation Convention & Exhibition in Las Vegas, Nevada on Oct. 22.

In addition to his extensive work as an outspoken champion for general aviation, including numerous appearances before Congress, Ford also regularly flies missions in support of humanitarian and philanthropic causes.

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Harrison Ford Visits Chicago and Washington

Mar 20, 13 Harrison Ford Visits Chicago and Washington


Actor Harrison Ford was in Chicago Monday night. He was the guest of honor at a party hosted by Michigan Avenue magazine at Chicago Cut restaurant. The actor is the magazine’s cover feature this month — part of his promotion for the April 12 release of “42,” the film about Jackie Robinson breaking the color barrier in Major League Baseball. Ford portrays Brooklyn Dodgers owner Branch Rickey in the film.

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Harrison Ford to Talk Aviation at the US Congress

Harrison Ford is joining members of the U.S. House General Aviation Caucus this Tuesday to discuss “issues of importance to the general aviation community”. Rep. Sam Graves, Missouri Republican, said he has invited Mr. Ford to talk to the House General Aviation Caucus as a way to draw attention to aviation issues.

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Harrison Ford Talks Passion for Flying and Promotes GA

Actor and pilot Harrison Ford draws a spotlight on flying from the big screen to the halls of Congress. On Oct. 12, the aviation advocate took the stage at the Palm Springs Convention Center to discuss how aviation helped him reinvent his life—and why all pilots should share the value of aviation with the general public—at the keynote session of AOPA Aviation Summit.

Ford said he was interested in aviation in college and took a few lessons, but ran out of money. Later, he said—when he had more money, and an airplane with a professional crew—“I realized pretty quickly that they were having more fun than I was playing with my toys.” He asked pilot Terry Bender to teach him to fly.

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