Harrison Ford Is: The Ocean

Oct 12, 14 Harrison Ford Is: The Ocean

Nature is speaking in the voices of Harrison Ford, Julia Roberts, Penélope Cruz, Robert Redford, Edward Norton, Ian Somerhalder and Kevin Spacey. Each of them represent an element of Nature that raises its voice to tell how Nature doesn’t need people but people need Nature yet we don’t appreciate it and destroy the environment. “Nature is Speaking” is a campaign from Conservation International that was launched at SXSW Eco in Austin, Texas.

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Ice Bucket Challenge: Accepted

Aug 26, 14 Ice Bucket Challenge: Accepted

Harrison Ford has taken the world’s phenomenon challenge for a good cause. The Ice Bucket Challenge is a viral campaign started to raise money for ALS research. Go Harrison!

<< insert carbonite joke here >>


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Got Your 6 PSA Campaign

Jun 07, 14 Got Your 6 PSA Campaign

Got Your 6 is a collective impact campaign devoted to changing the conversation around veterans in America.

Harrison Ford, Bradley Cooper, Anne Hathaway, Anna Kendrick, Gabourey Sidibe, Martin Sheen, Bette Midler, Sally Field, Jason Sudeikis, Goldie Hawn, and Glenn Close have joined to star in a new PSA video called “Got Your 6″ to encourage people to support United States’ armed forces!

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Why Earth Matters: A Conversation with Harrison Ford

Actor Harrison Ford was on location at NASA’s Ames Research Center, Mountain View, Calif., last November to film a segment of Showtime’s “Years of Living Dangerously” documentary on climate change. Ford toured the NASA Advanced Supercomputing facility where he met with scientists Rama Nemani of Ames and Matthew Hansen of the University of Maryland, College Park, to learn more about how NASA satellite data and research are used around the world to better understand and protect Earth.

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Years of Living Dangerously: Watch and Share

Apr 15, 14 Years of Living Dangerously: Watch and Share

Remember all the controversy behind the making of Years of Living Dangerously last year? In a few days we will witness what happened in that interview Harrison Ford did to the Ministry of Forestry of Indonesia. Meanwhile, check the full first episode that aired last Sunday on Showtime.

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New Autographed Lindt Gold Bunny in Auction

Apr 08, 14 New Autographed Lindt Gold Bunny in Auction

STRATHAM, N.H., April 4, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — Today, Nick Lachey, television personality, multi-platinum recording artist, loving husband and father, joins premium chocolatier, Lindt USA, to launch the fifth Lindt GOLD BUNNY Celebrity Auction and help raise awareness for autism, a cause close to his family.

Lachey, who is sharing his personal connection to autism, joins the exclusive line-up of nearly 100 celebrities participating in this year’s auction by donating autographs. One hundred percent of proceeds from the celebrity-signed Lindt GOLD BUNNY figures will benefit the world’s leading autism research and advocacy organization, Autism Speaks. This year, Lindt will make a matching donation1. Now through April 14, fans can bid on celebrity-signed porcelain Lindt GOLD BUNNY figures – including Harrison Ford – and give back this Easter.

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In April, We’ll Know Why We Are Living Years Dangerously.

Mar 26, 14 In April, We’ll Know Why We Are Living Years Dangerously.

Mark your calendars for April to watch Showtime’s Years Of Living Dangerously, an 9-part series on climate change that shows peoples’ personal experiences and solutions from around the world.

In the upcoming episodes, celebrities will act as correspondents delving into the different impacts climate change has had and is projected to have on the world. The project aims to show the current and intensifying effects on everyday Americans, while demonstrating how they can take action and be part of the solution.

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“Years of Living Dangerously” Trailer

Climate change is real, and it’s gonna get worse.

These are the words that introduce the trailer for the new documentary “Years of Living Dangerously” brought to you by film producer James Cameron and actors Harrison Ford, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jessica Alba, Matt Damon among others.

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Operation Smile Gala Raises $3 Million

This year’s Operation Smile gala brought grins to the faces and tears to the eyes of attendees.

While event host Brooke Burke-Charvet shared touching details about her recent goodwill medical mission, honorees Kate Walsh, Kevin Beggs and Randy Sherman discussed the charity’s impact on the children who have received free surgeries to repair their facial deformities.

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Indonesian Minister Gets Angry at Harrison Ford Deforestation Questions

Some days ago we reported a new documentary about climate change was in the process at Indonesia, starring Harrison Ford.  Ministry of Forestry of Indonesia, Zulkifli Hasan, had a bad time last Monday answering questions about the destruction of forest while he was giving an interview to Ford. He even threatened to deport the actor (isn’t it too much?)

Anyway, it seems Ford got really excited on the topic and didn’t like Hasan ideas or solutions for deforestation in Indonesia. Tough questions, high emotions and even an excited Ford jumping into Hasan’s desk (get off my desk!) left the minister “shocked”, an official said.

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