#AskMeAnything Session of Harrison Ford in Reddit

Apr 22, 14 #AskMeAnything Session of Harrison Ford in Reddit

Someone said thank you for being a part of so many childhood films: Well, thank you. I really appreciate that. It’s a privilege to be able to be involved with people as talented as the people I’ve had the luck to work with, and it’s just been a great experience for me, and I’m glad that so many of the films I’ve had the luck to do were films that could be enjoyed by families together.

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“Being Famous Affected My Privacy”

Mar 12, 14 “Being Famous Affected My Privacy”

Harrison Ford is considered one of the best actors of cinema. A story that started very different many years ago. Back in 1966, his first role in movies was in “Dead Heat on a Merry-Go-Round” but his part was so small that he wasn’t credited. He learned from those tough years and since then he carefully chose every single role he was offered despite the difficulties of being an unknown actor.

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“I Don’t Like To Be on Everyone’s Lips”

Mar 11, 14 “I Don’t Like To Be on Everyone’s Lips”

We enter a room. There, an utterly elegant Harrison Ford in a gray suit, short gray hair and a youthful earring on his left ear, is expecting for us. He stands up, goes to the minibar and offers water. A courtesy that allows me to ask about his attitude with journalists since his last answer about the subject two years ago was “to give an interview is like to go to the dentist.”

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“Do Not Confuse Me with the Guy That Appears On the Screen”

Feb 28, 14 “Do Not Confuse Me with the Guy That Appears On the Screen”

Tension rules the galaxy. The most powerful weapon of the Empire, the Death Star, threatens to disintegrate the last remaining of the resistance. A group of rebels sails their ships regardless hope. Everything is ready for the final battle involving lightsabers, hyperspace and spectacular space battles. In the middle of the apparent calm before the storm, a yellow cab passes through and hits one of our heroes. Wait… what? We should fire this writer.

“One thing for sure, Han Solo could not die hit by a cab”  – Harrison laughs. But beyond his joke, the actor confesses that he wanted Han Solo to die in Return of the Jedi. “I thought he deserved a heroic death. I thought at that point, the most sensitive and moving thing for Han to do was sacrifice himself so the rest of the main characters would be able to survive.”

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“I Don’t Have To Be ‘Harrison Ford’ Anymore”

Dec 19, 13 “I Don’t Have To Be ‘Harrison Ford’ Anymore”

Relatively recently, after enduring for decades as one of Hollywood’s most consistent marquee attractions, Harrison Ford reached a conclusion about himself and his future: “I had exhausted my potential as a middle-aged leading man. And I’m getting to the point where people don’t want to see me, necessarily, hit people and kiss girls. So I began looking for the next phase of my career.”

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Harrison Ford Has Another Star Turn

Nov 18, 13 Harrison Ford Has Another Star Turn

Harrison Ford turned 71 some months back, a grim statistic that’s bound to make anyone who grew up in the 1970s feel old. After an uncertain start as a young actor, he shot to fame at age 35 in George Lucas’s 1977 space opera Star Wars. And he returns to his sci-fi roots in a new film called Ender’s Game which opens here next week. Ender’s Game is an entertaining action caper based on a 1970s fantasy novel by Orson Scott Card.

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“Science Fiction Opens Minds”

Harrison Ford thinks sci-fi is an important genre because it opens the doors of your imagination. He thinks science fiction opens the imagination “a little bit wider”.

The 71-year-old Academy Award-nominated actor stars in futuristic action thriller Ender’s Game.

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Harrison Ford Continues His Journey

Nov 07, 13 Harrison Ford Continues His Journey

After five decades of playing iconic characters — swinging a whip as Indiana Jones, saving Luke Skywalker as Han Solo, escaping from prison as a fugitive — Harrison Ford shows no signs of slowing down. The 71-year-old has had an active year. After starring in the Jackie Robinson biopic 42 this spring, the actor now plays a tech billionaire in the thriller Paranoia, which is scheduled to release on August 9.

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Harrison Ford’s Next (But Not Last) Crusade

Oct 23, 13 Harrison Ford’s Next (But Not Last) Crusade

It’s an odd thing to hear Harrison Ford say that he’s “out of the leading man business” — especially to anyone who’s grown up on his “leading man” movies for the last, oh, 36 years or so. (And it would be foolhardy to not admit that I am one of those people.) But, now, at 71, Ford has entered the next phase of his career. And he seems perfectly fine with that.

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Harrison Ford and Benedict Cumberbatch Talk Star Wars (Or Not)

Yes, Star Wars once again. It’s Ender’s Game promotion, people! (that’s Harrison talking).

Anyway, Harrison was in The Graham Norton Show alongside Benedict Cumberbatch (who is also rumored to have a role in the new Star Wars) while in London during the promotion of his new movie.

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