“I Don’t Have To Be ‘Harrison Ford’ Anymore”

Dec 19, 13 “I Don’t Have To Be ‘Harrison Ford’ Anymore”

Relatively recently, after enduring for decades as one of Hollywood’s most consistent marquee attractions, Harrison Ford reached a conclusion about himself and his future: “I had exhausted my potential as a middle-aged leading man. And I’m getting to the point where people don’t want to see me, necessarily, hit people and kiss girls. So I began looking for the next phase of my career.”

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42 Gives Baseball Great Jackie Robinson, but Also Heroism, Its Due

Sep 18, 13 42 Gives Baseball Great Jackie Robinson, but Also Heroism, Its Due

By Lisa Kennedy

Monday marks the 66th anniversary of the day Jack Roosevelt Robinson walked onto Ebbets Field to play first base for the Brooklyn Dodgers, the first black man in Major League Baseball.

For more than three decades there has been clamoring for a major motion picture that honored the man and the milestone.

For a spell, sports freak and maverick director Spike Lee was attached to a Robinson pic project. (His first child is named after Satchel Paige for heaven’s sake.) So, too, was director Robert Redford, star of “The Natural” (ranked No. 7 on an all-time best baseball flicks list by Baseball America).

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Harrison Ford: the 42 (Q&A)

Aug 14, 13 Harrison Ford: the 42 (Q&A)

Nice and interesting interview! I’d just wish they write “Han Solo” properly and not “Hans” (don’t worry I corrected it). Anyway. Enjoy!

Born in Chicago on July 13, 1942, Harrison Ford was a late bloomer who only developed an interest in acting during his senior year of college. After graduation, he moved to Los Angeles where he worked as carpenter for almost a decade while struggling trying to launch his showbiz career.

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42 The Movie Vs. 42 The True Story

Aug 08, 13 42 The Movie Vs. 42 The True Story

Had the real Jackie Robinson been arrested and court-martialed in the army?

Yes. The 42 true story reveals that Robinson had been arrested and court-martialed during boot camp for refusing to go to the back of a segregated bus, as explained in the movie. However, he was subsequently acquitted of the charges and was given an honorable discharge. -JackieRobinson.org

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’42’ Tops DVD and Blu-Ray Sales Chart

Jul 30, 13 ’42’ Tops DVD and Blu-Ray Sales Chart

“42,” the Jackie Robinson bio-picture starring Chadwick Boseman and Harrison Ford, is the top-selling DVD in the United States, Rentrak announced Monday.

Coming in at No. 2 on the DVD and Blu-ray sales roster for the week ending July 21 is “Evil Dead,” followed by “Tyler Perry’s Temptation” at No. 3, “Despicable Me” at No. 4 and “Bullet to the Head” at No. 5.

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Red Carpet Conversations About ’42’

May 03, 13 Red Carpet Conversations About ’42’

“You want a player who doesn’t have the guts to fight back?”
“No, I want a player who has the guts NOT to fight back!”

That was a scene from “42” with actors Chadwick Boseman (Jackie Robinson) and Harrison Ford (Brooklyn Dodgers general manager Branch Rickey). These character traits they discussed are what made Robinson the “right” player to break the color line in Major League Baseball.

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42 is the… Number One Movie in America!!

Congratulations to the cast and crew of 42! The movie opened number one at the box office its opening weekend being officially the biggest opening weekend at box office of any baseball movie ever!

Haven’t seen it yet? Get showtimes and tickets at www.42movie.com

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Tavis Smiley Interviews Harrison Ford

Tavis Smiley, PBS talk show host, talked with Harrison Ford about his recent role as Brooklyn Dodgers General Manager Branch Rickey in the film, 42.

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Jackie Robinson Day: Han Pitched First

Apr 17, 13 Jackie Robinson Day: Han Pitched First

Harrison Ford was on the mound Monday night in front of a sold-out crowd at the Dodger Stadium in downtown Los Angeles. In honor of the Jackie Robinson Day celebration and the movie 42, the star gave the first ceremonial throw to home plate as thousands of fans at Dodger Stadium watched in awe.

The special moment didn’t have Harrison looking like a baseball player. Approaching the mound in a suit and wearing fancy shoes, it was more of a movie star type moment, but Harrison Ford did his best. The ball didn’t make the plate, bouncing before it was caught, it did get the game against the San Diego Padres started.

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42: “The Things That Are Noble in America Are Really Represented in this Movie”

The new film, 42, is so much more than just a baseball movie.

Sure, it may be a biopic about Jackie Robinson, but at its heart is the love story between the history-making player and his wife.

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