Working With Harrison Ford

Nov 18, 13 Working With Harrison Ford

Gary Oldman, Liam Hemsworth and Richard Dreyfuss tell people what we want to know: What was it like to work with Harrison Ford on one of his most atypical roles: Jock Goddard in Paranoia

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It’s Harrison Ford vs Gary Oldman in ‘Paranoia’

Sep 30, 13 It’s Harrison Ford vs Gary Oldman in ‘Paranoia’

To take on the roles of battling billionnaire kingpins in Relativity Media’s new thriller “Paranoia”, the filmmakers knew they would need two actors capable of embodying brilliant, eccentric, hugely ambitious men whose unbridled thirst for power has made them capable of menace and even murder. They found that in the explosive pairing of Academy Award® nominated actors Gary Oldman and Harrison Ford.

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Harrison Ford Explains Why He Went Bald for Paranoia

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Giveaway: Win a Paranoia Prize Pack!

Aug 14, 13 Giveaway: Win a Paranoia Prize Pack!

Attention US fans of Harrison Ford: Would you like to win a prize pack of Paranoia? Absolute has some big stuff from the movie for you. The pack includes:

  • a Branded portable cell phone charger
  • a Branded cell phone skin
  • a Branded t-shirt
  • an Invisible ink spy pen
  • a $30 Fandango gift card
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Paranoia: New Stills and Clips

Aug 03, 13 Paranoia: New Stills and Clips

I’ve been lucky enough to be contacted by the official marketing agency that is promoting Paranoia, so, everything you see here now it’s officially official! :)  Talking about changing the game!

Alright, what do I have for you? Relativity Media has released a lot of content of Paranoia, from movie stills to a behind-the-scenes that features what the actors have to said about the story and the making of the movie (scroll down to find it). Plus, find the release date for your country and be sure to check the official Paranoia social profiles to find out more!

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First Trailer for Paranoia Hits the Internet!

Jun 05, 13 First Trailer for Paranoia Hits the Internet!

Liam Hemsworth will have a bad time between these two great stars.  Paranoia revolves around a lower-middle-class kid trying to do better for his dad by getting involved in the world of corporate espionage between two rival companies.

Check the first trailer for the movie

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Paranoia Moves Release Date to August!

Relativity Media has announced two new release dates. Paranoia, originally slotted for a fall debut on October 4th has been moved to a late summer start on August 16th. Out of the Furnace takes the now vacated October 4th spot.

Paranoia pits iconic actors Gary Oldman and Harrison Ford against newcomer Liam Hemsworth and Amber Heard. The story revolves around an entry-level employee at a powerful corporation who is promised a promotion for spying on his boss’ former mentor. This thriller will go up against Kick-Ass 2 and The to Do List at the box office.

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Paranoia: New Images and Details

Jan 25, 13 Paranoia: New Images and Details

There are certain benefits in playing the financial elite — such as the sharp threads and sunglasses — Harrison Ford, Liam Hemsworth and Gary Oldman get to show off in the upcoming espionage thriller Paranoia.

“It was a nice change of pace to come to work, put on a nice suit and stay clean all day,” said Hemsworth.

The benefits get even better in Paranoia, directed by Robert Luketic (coming to cinemas on October 4, 2013). In one scene, Jock Goddard (Ford) hands his hotshot new hire the keys to a $100,000-plus Fisker luxury hybrid car, leaving Hemsworth’s character “totally speechless.” “He cannot believe all of this is happening,”  says Hemsworth.

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