This is a list of projects that never saw the light of the day for several reasons

You Belong To Me

In november 2012 a new project involving Harrison Ford and Zac Efron was announced. Ford was reported to play a psychiatrist facing a difficult time after one of his female patients committed suicide. He ended up bonding with her brother James (played by Efron), but things changed when James showed his true intentions by seducing the psychiatrist’s wife and daughter. The project was reported to follow the lines of Cape Fear. You Belong To Me was scheduled to start filming on March 2013, but it never saw the light for unknown reasons.

Black Hats

Black Hats was a novel adaptation project announced in 2011. It involved Harrison Ford as Wyatt Earp, a LA-based private investigator that is hired by the widow of his best friend, who wants him to go to New York to help her son whose gotten in some trouble with none other than Al Capone. The book was written by Allan collins and published in 2007. Although his participation was confirmed, the project was abandoned and reasons are unknown.


Back in 2005, Harrison Ford grew a goatee and signed on to star in the historical drama “Manhunt” based on James L. Swanson’s book “Manhunt: The 12-Day Chase for Lincoln’s Killer”, a Civil War thriller about the search for Abraham Lincoln’s assassin. In the movie, Ford would have played the leader of the search, Col. Everton Conger. The story focused on the days after Lincoln’s assassination in 1865 and followed the New York Cavalry as it solved the mystery that eventually leaded to John Wilkes Booth, uncovering a plot that threatened to plunge the nation back into war. Conger was in command of the troops when they tracked down Booth in a Virginia barn 12 days after Lincoln was shot. The project was set to start filming in 2006 but it was canceled. The reasons for this cancellation still unknown.

Age of Aquarius 

Age of Aquarius was a project starring Harrison Ford as an American relief worker who falls in love with a woman in Sarajevo (supposedly played by Kristin Scott Thomas).  The story opens in Ethiopia in 1984. The star of the tale is Harry Sunderland, a mercenary of sorts who goes from war zone to war zone, delivering food & other supplies. With him is a team comprised of various nationalities, among them Katia, a Serbo-Croatian woman. We learn quickly that Harry & Katia are more than just business, and there’s a lot of water under the bridge between them. The production of the film was planned to begin in 1998 in Israel but was aborted following a wave of terrorist attacks there. The project fell apart later for high budget estimates.

The Cardinal of the Kremlin (Jack Ryan Series)

It was a project of the Jack Ryan Series in development in the late 90s. The Cardinal of the Kremlin is a sequel to The Hunt for Red October, based on the development of the Strategic Defense Initiative and its Soviet equivalent, covering themes including intelligence gathering and counterintelligence, political intrigue, and guerrilla warfare in Afghanistan.It involved Harrison Ford and William Shatner (probably the villan).  Harrison sent the first two scripts back for rewrites and the project was scrapped later.

Fred Cuny Biopic

Fred Cuny went missing during a trip to Chechnya in 1995 at the height of the 1994-96 military campaign. He is believed to have been executed along with an interpreter and two Russian doctors while attempting to negotiate a Russian-Chechen cease-fire. Harrison Ford would have played the lead role in the movie, and also was co-producing the film. Production of the film was set to start in early 2003. The film was based on “The Lost American,” a 1997 documentary by David Fanning.  Mexican director Alejandro Gonzales Inarritu was also in negotiations to direct. The project was abandoned and the reasons are still unknown.

Battle for Fallujah

Battle for Fallujah was the first movie project to spawn from the war in Iraq. Based on a book written by a former marine, the story follows the U.S. assault on the Iraqi city of Fallujah, which was led by General Jim Mattis and resulted in dozens of American casualties. Harrison Ford was attached to the project to play the part of General Mattis but it was probably canceled because there is no news about it since 2008 at least. Reasons are unknown.


Godspeed was a science fiction movie project that would have reunited Harrison Ford and James Cameron. The ambitious story was about a life-threatening situation on an international space station that could kill all the inhabitants on the station. It was announced circa 2004 and got canceled in 2006. “Godspeed is gone” were Harrison Ford’s words in an interview. No further details have been given about this.

Gemini Man

Gemini Man is, according to many people, one of the best movie concepts created ever: the world’s best assassin is getting old but he’s still the best. The only way to defeat him is to clone him and get the younger clone to hunt him down and kill him. Would the clone succeed? The movie would have Harrison Ford playing two characters: his younger self, who is sent to kill his older self. Special effects -now CGI- and camera angles would help to have two Fords in one movie. Circa 2000, the project was taking form when Harrison was told to be involved in it. Why this, for many of us, perfect Harrison Ford movie was never made? We don’t know. Will the movie see the light some day? We hope.


Circa 1994, a remake of Dodsworth was in the making starring Harrison Ford and produced by Gregory Peck. Dodsworth is a 1936 movie starring Walter Huston and Ruth Chatterton. Dodsworth is a bittersweet tale of the increasing estrangement of a retired automobile tycoon and his wife. Increasingly obsessed with maintaining an appearance of youth, she falls in with a crowd of frivolous socialites during their “second honeymoon” European vacation. He, in turn, meets a woman who is everything she is not: self-assured, self-confident, and able to take care of herself. The project fell apart at some point due to Harrison Ford’s interests to continue doing action roles.

Hickok & Cody

Let’s go back in time to 1993. Harrison Ford receives a screenplay, reads it and loves it. The soon-to-be movie is a western about James Butler Hickok (‘Wild Bill’) and William Frederick Cody (‘Buffalo Bill’) real people and very notable characters in the 1870 era. Although there isn’t information about the original plot, a producer took over the project with a new concept: to change almost everything in it. The result was a corny, less serious movie that would have gone unnoticed. Of course, Harrison Ford didn’t like those changes and walked-out of the project. Good job, producer!

Dark Debts

Harrison Ford was wanted by writer Karen Hall to star in the movie version of supernatural novel titled Dark Debts. Following the style of The Exorcist, Dark Debts tells the story of a cursed family and an exorcist that may have a connection revealed later in the book. Still unknown if Harrison Ford would have played the priest exorcist or one of the family members. Paramount bought the film rights in 1996 but the project was canceled at some point, reasons unknown.