Our health relies entirely on the vitality of our fellow species on Earth. When we protect the places where the processes of life can flourish, we strengthen not only the future of medicine, agriculture and industry, but also the essential condition for peace and prosperity.’Harrison Ford

Conservation International (CI) is a non-profit organization headquartered in Washington, D.C., that seeks to protect Earth’s biodiversity “hotspots,” high-biodiversity wilderness areas as well as important marine regions around the world. The group is also known for its partnerships with local non-governmental organizations and indigenous peoples.

CI was founded in 1987 and now has a staff of more than 900 employees. Its work occurs in more than 40 countries, primarily in developing nations in Africa, the Pacific Rim and the Central and South American rainforests. Conservation International’s mission is to conserve the Earth’s living natural heritage, our global biodiversity, and to demonstrate that human societies are able to live harmoniously with nature.

Harrison is a Vice Chair of Conservation International and has served on its board of directors for over a decade – he believes that ‘conservation of biodiversity is the issue of our times’. As Vice Chair he has been instrumental in the organization’s emergence as one of the world’s preeminent forces for conservation. The threats posed to our global environment and the innovative solutions Conservation International employs to bring human society into balance with nature inspired Ford to become involved with CI close to twenty years ago.

His active engagement on CI’s Board spurred the organization to develop the relationships with governments and businesses that have changed the strategic scale of its conservation work.  He has also won many awards for acting on this conviction. Besides, in Belize and Honduras, a species of ant now goes by the name Pheidole harrisonfordi and a spider found in California is likewise dubbed Calponia harrisonfordi, in honor to his environmental care.

Team Earth: Announcement of New Interactive E-Magazine (september 2009)

He celebrated Earth Day while on location to film a public service announcement for CI’s climate change campaign “Lost There, Felt Here” that focuses on the critical issue of stopping deforestation – one of the quickest and most cost-effective ways to significantly reduce global carbon emissions.

The spot was translated into five languages and it was aired around the world.

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