It is very little known that Harrison Ford worked for The Doors back in 1968. He worked as a stagehand and second camera assistant probably from May until July 1968.

In his own words:

“When it was over I was one step away from joining a Jesuit Monastery. I couldn’t keep up with those guys it was too much. I was part of the camera crew…second camera. I don’t think any of it was in focus, not a bit of it.”

Feast of Friends
In May 1968, Harrison Ford was hired as a stagehand and second camera assistant by his friend Paul Ferrara, official photographer of the band at that time, who was in charge of filming a new documentary about The Doors’s tour of 1968 called “Feast of Friends”. It is known Harrison helped with the cameras and also did some filming as well. Although this documentary has never been released, you can find it at God Youtube. It has a lot of unfocused takes, so we believe you, Harry.

These are the concerts Feast of Friends documents:

6th Annual Renaissance Pleasure Faire (May 4th, 1968. Calabasas, California)
It is said this is the first concert Harrison Ford attended. It is unclear if he started working that day doing some filming or it was just only to be introduced to the rest of the crew.

Northern California Folk Rock Festival (May 19th, 1968. San Jose, California)
The Doors’ performance at the Northern California Folk Rock Festival on May 19th, 1968. An 8mm film shot by an audience member briefly captures Harrison Ford preparing a camera while Country Joe & The Fish perform on-stage.

Bakersfield Civic Center Backstage (June 8th, 1968. Bakersfield, California)
Backstage from the Bakersfield Civic Center on June 8th, 1968. The footage is a short interview with the band by Pastor Fred L. Stiegemeier. As soon as Jim Morrison walks by, Harrison Ford can be spotted briefly in the background right next to him.

Bakersfield Hotel (June 8th, 1968. Bakersfield, California)
Three of The Doors playing poker in a hotel room, drinking a beer and having a laugh. Harrison Ford can be seen in a mirror behind Ray Manzarek and Paul Ferrara can be heard at the background telling Harrison that he is in the shot. He is also the one responsible for the use of the scene marker. Bakersfield shows the best Harrison Ford footage so far.

The Doors’ Hollywood bowl Concert (July 5th, 1968. Los Angeles, California)
It is said, although stills unconfirmed, that he was one of the four cameras at The Doors’ Hollywood Bowl concert in July 1968. As a big fan of The Doors myself, I checked the credits in my own copy of Live at the Hollywood Bowl and his name does not appear. Anyway, that does not mean he was not there giving a hand if other crew member needed to go to the bathroom (it would explain some unfocused takes too).

Since Hollywood Bowl was the last performance the band did in California, it is probably also the last time Harrison worked for The Doors.

This is a compilation of all the existent footage of Harrison Ford with The Doors I could find in my research.