“I Don’t Like To Be on Everyone’s Lips”

Mar 11, 14 “I Don’t Like To Be on Everyone’s Lips”

We enter a room. There, an utterly elegant Harrison Ford in a gray suit, short gray hair and a youthful earring on his left ear, is expecting for us. He stands up, goes to the minibar and offers water. A courtesy that allows me to ask about his attitude with journalists since his last answer about the subject two years ago was “to give an interview is like to go to the dentist.”

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“Do Not Confuse Me with the Guy That Appears On the Screen”

Feb 28, 14 “Do Not Confuse Me with the Guy That Appears On the Screen”

Tension rules the galaxy. The most powerful weapon of the Empire, the Death Star, threatens to disintegrate the last remaining of the resistance. A group of rebels sails their ships regardless hope. Everything is ready for the final battle involving lightsabers, hyperspace and spectacular space battles. In the middle of the apparent calm before the storm, a yellow cab passes through and hits one of our heroes. Wait… what? We should fire this writer.

“One thing for sure, Han Solo could not die hit by a cab”  – Harrison laughs. But beyond his joke, the actor confesses that he wanted Han Solo to die in Return of the Jedi. “I thought he deserved a heroic death. I thought at that point, the most sensitive and moving thing for Han to do was sacrifice himself so the rest of the main characters would be able to survive.”

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“I’m Not a Big Fan of Science Fiction”

Jan 12, 14 “I’m Not a Big Fan of Science Fiction”

Despite having in his résumé some of the most important characters in science fiction movies, Harrison Ford hasn’t changed his mind about his love for that movie genre. However, he is back in the field with Ender’s Game.

“My taste in movies has nothing to do with my work. I’m not a big fan of science fiction” Harrison Ford said while promoting Ender’s Game, a film based on the bestseller by Orson Scott Card.

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Ender’s Game: Number One!

Nov 02, 13 Ender’s Game: Number One!

Summit’s “Ender’s Game” is topping this weekend domestically with a projected $27 million bow. Congratulations to cast and crew!

First-night audiences gave a “B+” CinemaScore to “Ender’s Game,” which the distributor and backers Summit Entertainment, Odd Lot Entertainment and Digital Domain hope can launch a young adult franchise. The movie opened with an estimated $1.4 million from Halloween night preview shows in the U.S. The studio called the launch a “solid” start that placed it third for Thursday behind “Jackass Presents: Bad Grandpa” at $1.8 million and “Gravity,” which took in $1.6 million in its 28th day for a domestic cume of $206 million.

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Harrison Ford’s Next (But Not Last) Crusade

Oct 23, 13 Harrison Ford’s Next (But Not Last) Crusade

It’s an odd thing to hear Harrison Ford say that he’s “out of the leading man business” — especially to anyone who’s grown up on his “leading man” movies for the last, oh, 36 years or so. (And it would be foolhardy to not admit that I am one of those people.) But, now, at 71, Ford has entered the next phase of his career. And he seems perfectly fine with that.

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Bunch of New “Ender’s Game” Stuff

Oct 19, 13 Bunch of New “Ender’s Game” Stuff

Nice beret.

Ender’s Game is heading to its big premiere in the US and lots of clips and pictures have emerged in the last few weeks. The movie stars Asa Butterfield, Harrison Ford, Sir Ben Kingsley, Hailee Steinfeld, Viola Davis and Abigail Breslin, and will open in theaters November 1st.

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Harrison Ford and Benedict Cumberbatch Talk Star Wars (Or Not)

Yes, Star Wars once again. It’s Ender’s Game promotion, people! (that’s Harrison talking).

Anyway, Harrison was in The Graham Norton Show alongside Benedict Cumberbatch (who is also rumored to have a role in the new Star Wars) while in London during the promotion of his new movie.

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Harrison Ford Discuss Current Issues in Ender’s Game

Sep 18, 13 Harrison Ford Discuss Current Issues in Ender’s Game

Harrison Ford returns to the sci-fi genre with Ender’s Game, a futuristic story bringing complex moral current issues to the big screen, such as the topic of young people using weapons of war.

“I think it was a story emotionally interesting. Although it was written some years ago it was remarkably clear-sighted about some of the issues and circumstances that we know today” said the actor in an interview with the website Collider.com about his character Colonel Hyrum Graff.

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Final Trailer for Ender’s Game – Narrated by Col Graff

Ender’s Game teaser trailer, released earlier this year, gave an indication of what can be expected from the film. The final trailer, however, features a dramatic narrative by Harrison Ford who promises the aliens “will be back”. It’s all very visually appealing in a Star Wars-Superman-Terminator way and with the melodramatic music, intense exchanges and wild landscapes: it certainly appears to be a film fans of science fiction will love.

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Ender’s Game New Posters and Trailer

Aug 01, 13 Ender’s Game New Posters and Trailer

Nothing gets audiences in the seats like a Harrison Ford glare. Decades after his steely look on the poster for Raiders of the Lost Ark, studios are still using the stern Ford face to sell their film. With the debut of the Ender’s Game posters, it appears that Summit Entertainment is following a familiar strategy, and we’d be surprised if it didn’t put people in the seats!

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