Working With Harrison Ford

Nov 18, 13 Working With Harrison Ford

Gary Oldman, Liam Hemsworth and Richard Dreyfuss tell people what we want to know: What was it like to work with Harrison Ford on one of his most atypical roles: Jock Goddard in Paranoia

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“American Graffiti” Turns 40

Nov 17, 13 “American Graffiti” Turns 40

In 1972, a relatively unknown filmmaker named George Lucas began shooting a low-budget joyride comedy from a screenplay he had written.

The story was set in Modesto, Calif., during the late summer of 1962 and centered on a group of music-loving teens spending one last night together before heading off to college.

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The Greats: Harrison Ford

Nov 13, 13 The Greats: Harrison Ford

Harrison Ford is the sort of star that people who don’t care much for Hollywood life. Amidst an industry known for its artificiality and self-absorption, Ford has always seemed uninterested in the machinery of fame. Interviews for him are a chore, and he doesn’t like talking about his “process.” He just does the work. There’s a regular-guy lack of pretension to the man that’s wholly genuine. It’s informed his performances and his stardom—even his current role as a fading box-office draw.

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Harrison Ford Continues His Journey

Nov 07, 13 Harrison Ford Continues His Journey

After five decades of playing iconic characters — swinging a whip as Indiana Jones, saving Luke Skywalker as Han Solo, escaping from prison as a fugitive — Harrison Ford shows no signs of slowing down. The 71-year-old has had an active year. After starring in the Jackie Robinson biopic 42 this spring, the actor now plays a tech billionaire in the thriller Paranoia, which is scheduled to release on August 9.

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Happy Halloween!

Oct 31, 13 Happy Halloween!

Hope you have a great night of trick and treating, and why not a scary Harrison Ford movie? Since The Possessed is a very rare movie that it’s not for sale (I checked), somebody was nice enough to upload it on YouTube. For those who haven’t seen this movie yet, tonight is the perfect time to scare the hell out with Harrison Ford!

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Harrison Ford’s Next (But Not Last) Crusade

Oct 23, 13 Harrison Ford’s Next (But Not Last) Crusade

It’s an odd thing to hear Harrison Ford say that he’s “out of the leading man business” — especially to anyone who’s grown up on his “leading man” movies for the last, oh, 36 years or so. (And it would be foolhardy to not admit that I am one of those people.) But, now, at 71, Ford has entered the next phase of his career. And he seems perfectly fine with that.

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Harrison Ford and Benedict Cumberbatch Talk Star Wars (Or Not)

Yes, Star Wars once again. It’s Ender’s Game promotion, people! (that’s Harrison talking).

Anyway, Harrison was in The Graham Norton Show alongside Benedict Cumberbatch (who is also rumored to have a role in the new Star Wars) while in London during the promotion of his new movie.

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Harrison Ford Confirms Talks About His Return to Blade Runner

Oct 08, 13 Harrison Ford Confirms Talks About His Return to Blade Runner

“Yeah, we’ve been chatting about it… I truly admire Ridley as a man and as a director, and I would be very happy to engage again with him in the further telling of this story.”

Oh my God, oh my God!! Excuse me, I’m fangirling like a boss right now. Han Solo, Indiana Jones AND Rick Deckard may return? I know it has been said before but it is a lot more exciting to hear it from DA MAN himself.

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