“I Don’t Have To Be ‘Harrison Ford’ Anymore”

Dec 19, 13 “I Don’t Have To Be ‘Harrison Ford’ Anymore”

Relatively recently, after enduring for decades as one of Hollywood’s most consistent marquee attractions, Harrison Ford reached a conclusion about himself and his future: “I had exhausted my potential as a middle-aged leading man. And I’m getting to the point where people don’t want to see me, necessarily, hit people and kiss girls. So I began looking for the next phase of my career.”

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The Greats: Harrison Ford

Nov 13, 13 The Greats: Harrison Ford

Harrison Ford is the sort of star that people who don’t care much for Hollywood life. Amidst an industry known for its artificiality and self-absorption, Ford has always seemed uninterested in the machinery of fame. Interviews for him are a chore, and he doesn’t like talking about his “process.” He just does the work. There’s a regular-guy lack of pretension to the man that’s wholly genuine. It’s informed his performances and his stardom—even his current role as a fading box-office draw.

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“I Love My Work More Than Ever”

Sep 17, 13 “I Love My Work More Than Ever”

The star discusses his latest film, “Paranoia”, which reminds him of his long career and “42”, his previous movie, where he is the manager who hired the first black player to play in white baseball teams.

Harrison Ford has been recognized as one of the biggest stars of cinema only comparable to legendary and provocative artists of the Golden Age such as Clark Gable or Errol Flynn.

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Harrison Ford Takes The Field in 42

Apr 13, 13 Harrison Ford Takes The Field in 42

Harrison Ford was trying on his getup for 42 — fat suit, wig, and false eyebrows that look like caterpillars squaring off — when director Brian Helgeland remarked that he could see no sign of the star.

“Good,” Ford quipped. “I’m tired of that guy.”

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Raiders of the Lost Ark 30th Anniversary Screening

Sep 19, 11 Raiders of the Lost Ark 30th Anniversary Screening

At a recent 30th Anniversary screening of Raiders of the Lost Ark, director Steven Spielberg joked about “burning bridges” with Crystal Skull. But fans still want more Indiana Jones. So will Indy V ever happen? What about the other movies? Check out the highlights from the Q&A session:

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Fantastic Mr. Ford – Hollywood’s Hero on Fatherhood and Flying Planes

Aug 28, 11 Fantastic Mr. Ford – Hollywood’s Hero on Fatherhood and Flying Planes

I have been waiting to meet Harrison Ford since I was ten years old. I remember watching him play the bad-boy bounty hunter Han Solo in the first Star Wars film in 1977 and thinking he was so very cool in his black waistcoat and tight blue trousers, wise-cracking his way around the universe. And now, over three decades later, here is Ford in a room at Claridge’s offering a firm handshake and just a hint of a smile.

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“I’ve Been Lucky in my Career”

Aug 20, 11 “I’ve Been Lucky in my Career”

Harrison Ford may have had some of the most iconic roles on the big screen, but he much prefers surprising people with his choices.

The Hollywood superstar, who saddles up with Daniel Craig in Cowboys & Aliens, has become known for portraying beloved characters like Indiana Jones and Han Solo, yet he admitted: “That’s not what interested me.”

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Harrison Ford Thrilled at the Piazza Grande

Aug 09, 11 Harrison Ford Thrilled at the Piazza Grande

The weather is not on the side of moviegoers these days in Locarno, where the constant rain and bad weather are causing more of a headache for the organizers. But despite the storm, last night the sun seemed to shine for a moment when Harrison Ford took the stage and 8,000 throats dedicated an excited ovation of the epoch-making.

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Harrison Ford is America’s Everyman Hero

The first time Harrison Ford really burst onto moviegoers’ radar was as the Stetson-wearing Bob Falfa in the 1973 film “American Graffiti.” From that, he got a carpentry gig remodeling director George Lucas’ office, and as a result of that association snagged small roles in the Francis Ford Coppola films “The Conversation” and “Apocalypse Now.”

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Jon Favreau Interviews Harrison Ford for Cowboys & Aliens

Jun 28, 11 Jon Favreau Interviews Harrison Ford for Cowboys & Aliens

Jon Favreau is trying to reinvent the publicity machine. He’s seen how it’s been done in the past and is clearly trying to come up with new ways to market his movies to fans. With Cowboys & Aliens, it looks like he’s getting some leeway to control that publicity. At WonderCon, he pledged that only the folks in the room would get a sneak peek at the aliens and further images of the creatures wouldn’t be spoiled in the trailers, TV spots, and other press materials. He’s also planning to hold the film’s world premiere at this year’s Comic-Con.

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