Creator and Developer: Analia Dalmasso
Location: Argentina
Established: January 9, 2002 as Spanish fansite “Harrison Ford Star”
Relaunched: January 9, 2012 as “Absolute Harrison Ford”

Absolute Harrison Ford is an unofficial and non-profit website created by a fan, for the fans. The aim of Absolute is to follow and promote the career of Harrison Ford. However, neither Absolute nor its creator have any kind of affiliation with Mr. Harrison Ford or his crew.

Absolute is proud to be paparazzi-free. We know how important is privacy to Mr. Ford. That’s why we promote respect for his privacy through our actions. We will not show information, gossip, photos or any other content that invades Harrison Ford’s life in any way.

About the site

How is to dedicate time to someone you never actually met? How I decided to create a website having barely known how to use a computer back in that time? “All good questions” Quinn Harris would say. I guess it takes determination to create a site tributing Harrison Ford. Actually, it is kind of simple if you focus in what really matters: his career and public life; no private life, no relationships, no gossip. My goal was to create a place He would like to visit.

The site has gone through lots of changes, even of language, name and domain but the essence has always been the same: to inform, analyze, follow and promote the career of one of the most amazing actors of all time.

Past layouts

This is how Absolute has looked in the past.

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